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One System to rule them all.

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Our system does accomodate all requirements set by OWI for licensed hosting while delivering a homepage with integrated server and community management tools.


SquadMS takes the pain out of Squad server hosting. No more website builders, no more restarting SquadJS, no more expensive forums, no more duct taping solutions together.


SquadMS is an secure and production tested solution based on modern and trusted technologies such as Laravel.


SquadMS is based on and does contribute to FOSS. Most of the functionality is being implemented in FOSS packages that are being publicly provided by us.

Or in detail...

Steam API

Uses Steam OpenID API to authenticate users, no passwords or credentials are being stored in your database!


Production ready Server-Management solution. RemoteAdminConfigs, Server-List, fully automated SquadJS integration, easy Administration. Stop reinventing the wheel.


Custom, light and complete forum solution. No more expensive licenses for aging forum solutions.


Custom calendar solution to display your event schedule, also integrates with Google Calendar.


Contact system that allows users to send direct messages to your staff, these can be viewed and claimed by your staff in the admin panel.

Reserved Slot

System to manage reserved slots based on a request system integrated with a full admin workflow. This can be based on playtime, seedingpoints, votepoints and much more.


Custom achievement system that provides your players an addition incentive to play on your server-network.


Integrated with common vote sites like TopG or SquadServers to provide vote points for your users.


Properly track your global and per server statistics. SquadMS display the important data to run and manage your community in an optimized manner.


SquadMS does support multiple languages and translation out of the box whith localized URLs to provide proper SEO.


SquadMS does use a custom RBAC solution in addition Laravel's integrated auhtorization systems in order to ensure there are no unsecured endpoints and vunerabilities.

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BattleMetrics Integration

Integrates with the BattleMetrics API to fetch your players playtime and information. SquadMS does NOT replace BattleMetrics.

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SquadJS Integration

Our modified SquadJS worker provides additional information to the internal event system of SquadMS. Chat, Kill-Feed and many more events are provided by SquadJS. Additionally our SquadJS worker keeps up to date with SquadMS, no more restarting! You manage the servers and we manage the infrastructure.

So, how to get started?

If you want to see the SquadMS in action, check out our partners Website. Right now SquadMS v2 is being developed as an moddular FOSS rewrite, you can check the current status and contribute on GitHub.